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Latest Creation

...at the Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theatre in Kiev, premiered on December 17th, 2019.
Further performances till April 2020. Check out performance dates of "STINA - The Wall" on the theatre's official website.


Present Motion Picture Project


Some Men Must Die is a feature-length dance film partly based on the physical theatre production of the same name from 2015 by Swiss theatre director Thomas Mettler. The film's theme is the Ukrainian war, which stands exemplary for military conflicts all over the world.

The great challenge in the development of the stage play "Some Men Must Die", which premiered at the GOGOL-Fest 2015 in Kiev, was from the very beginning on the transposition of acts and effects of war into contemporary dance and Physical Theatre. This artistic work, together with the found forms of expression, is central in the film, which is to be premiered in cinemas in 2020.


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